To: All Members of the GSRMA
On the 2nd October 2020, a delegation from the GSRMA comprising of President Matt Givens, Central Committee Members Marie Roche and Joe Dirwan along with Mick Lernihan the General Secretary virtually met with Cathal Berry, the Independent T.D. for Kildare South to discuss a number of issues.

These issues included Pension Parity for GSRMA Members, the upcoming Centenary of An Garda Síochána in 2022 and the current debacle surrounding the Garda Museums in both Dublin Castle and at the Garda College in Templemore.

Cathal is a former member of the Irish Defence Forces.

Following the delivery of the Coalitions Budget on Tuesday the 13th October 2020, Cathal Berry was allocated speaking time in Dáil Éireann and the following is an extract of what he said in his address.

“Garda infrastructure remains a big problem in the country. Many of the barracks and Garda stations were built by the British over a hundred years ago. We badly need to invest in a refurbishment and from a new build perspective all across the country. If I was to identify on a particular infrastructure project to me above all else from the Garda Síochána point of view that there is need for a Garda Síochána Museum. The centenary of the formation of Garda Síochána is in 2022, which is over 18 months from now. I think it is incredible that there is no national Garda Síochána Museum. I think the story of the Garda Síochána is the story of Ireland itself and if you look back at the long list of recipients of the Scott Medal for bravery and the Roll of Honour of the members of the Garda Síochána who had been killed on duty. I think we can all appreciate and recognise that we do need a permanent premises to honour their achievements and sacrifice. I would like to progress this project over the next 12 months”.

The above is forwarded for your information and we look forward to more interactions with Cathal Berry on the key issues that face the GSRMA in the coming months/years.

We thank you for raising the issue and we will work with you and like-minded politicians into the future on this and the other matters that are of concern to our members.

Keep Safe, Keep Well and Keep in Contact with your Branch Members.

Mick Lernihan
General Secretary
15th October 2020